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KlaitalSG // at // has played the first Akunanse deck
to win a sanctioned tournament!!

Here is his report.


Last saturday [January 21st, 2006] in Tampere Finland, I participated 
in a tournament with my Akunanse rush deck, that I have named 'Hakuna Matata' 
and much to my own surprise, I actually won! The tournament had 21 participants, 
with three preliminary rounds and final. Here is the report of each round,
and my deck list at the bottom.

Round 1: Tzimisce combat deck -> Brujah bruise and vote -> Etrius & co
dom/obf stealth bleed with protean for combat defense. -> Me -> malk 94
stealth bleed

My starting crypt was pretty nice with Hasani, Jubal, Sanjo, and
Matata. After seeing my predator bring out Ohanna on turn 1 I knew that
had to bring out Hasani first so wouldn't get bled for tons to empty
table. My grandprey brings out Olga (who gets torpored after only few
actions and stays in torpor for the rest of the game) followed by
Meshenka, my prey brings out Gilbert Duane followed by Ozmo, my
grandpred brings out Anvil followd by Vasilis, my pred brings out
Zebulon next. I rush Ohanna with Hasani and put her empty to torpor
while starting to bring out Matata. The tzimisce put some pressure on
the brujah with bleeds while bringing out also Lolita Houston, the
brujah don't do much anything notable and bring out Volker, Zebulon
bleeds me 3 each turn steadily while only rush I have in hand is Sense
Death. I finally get Matata out with having 12 pool left, Gilbert and
Ozmo lunge at the tzimice both bleeding for 6 and leaving him to 6 pool
(having also suddened the tzimisces blood doll and minion tap). The
Tzimisce then rush backwards, putting both Gilbert and Ozmo to torpor,
the brujah diablerize Gilbert with Vasilis and krc their prey and the
malks. Then Etrius comes out and Zebulon does a spying mission on me.
Matata rushes Zebulon to torpor empty then, while I continue to
steadily whittle down my preys pool with bleeds for 1. The tzimisce
continue to put pressure on the brujah, who are doing some minor
forward momentum. Etrius bleeds me for 3, leaving me to 9, I once again
am lacking in rushes with hand full of red so just bleed forward. My
prey brings out second Gilbert, the tzimisce are a bit concerned about
this as they are still at 6 pool, and only rushes they have in hand are
harasses, so I make a deal with him that if he rushes Etrius I will
rush Gilbert as soon as I am able to. he does so and torpors Etrius
with some agg damage, Vasilis then diablerizes Etrius and gets burned
in the blood hunt, while Anvil gets rotschrecked by the tzimisce while
doing something, and is rescued by Volker. My predator is very low in
pool at this point and no vampires left, I finally started to draw into
my own blood dolls at this point and have started steady pool gain.
Unfortunately still no rushes without target restrictions so will just
bleed my prey for a bit more, putting them rather low also, and also
torpor Volker with a rush from Matata. Gilbert then bleeds forward for
4 with lots of stealth, but this time the tzimisce had a telepathic
misdirection at hand and the brujah eat it, putting them to 2 pool. The
Tzimisce then bleed the brujah out, then I rush and burn Gilbert, and
bleed a bit more putting my prey to 2 pool. The tzimisce oust the
Etrius deck then, I bring out Jubal and oust the malks, leaving just me
an the tzimisce left. Meshenka rushes Matata, playing blood of acid and
striking with breath of the dragon at close range, Matata prevents it
all with hidden strength and Meshenka burns, the tzimisce bring out new
Meshenka right away though. After the next few rounds I outlast the
tzimisce in a war of attrition, beating all of their vampires down and
ousting them, winning with 3 VP and GW. One notable moment from that
end was Meshenka trying to rotschreck Matata. :) It of course failed.

2nd round. caitiff weenie vote -> malkavian weenie breed and vote -> me
-> ventrue undue influence -> aus/dem/pre bleed and vote.

This time my crypt was Hasani, Uchenna, and 2x Matata. After seeing my
grandpredator playing info highway, bringing out 3 one caps, and
discarding a con agg, I knew that I need to bring out Uchenna first.
Fortunately my predator fails all of my grandpreds praxis seizures on
the next turn by discarding vote cards, so I have vote lock when
Uchenna hits the table. Which proves very beneficial since my grandpred
agrees on a deal to do all his con aggs 2 to his prey and 2 to my prey,
and I vote them through. I got at least 8 pool damage done to my prey
that way. Unfortunately the malk weenie horde forced me to rush
backwards heavily once they got malkavian justicar vote forced through
followed by several praxis after they got Greger out. To make matters
worse, my prey stops influencing out vampires after getting Melissa
Barton, Roland Loussarian, and Antoinette DuChamp out, leaving a huge
pool buffer for me to bleed through. While I eventually do manage to do
that, at about same time that my grandpred ousts my predator, it is way
too late as the presence voters have got way too long without a
predator and they have enough majesties in hand to thwart my rushes,
and eventually oust first the weenie voter and then me. 1 VP only from
that game.

2rd round. Me -> Some weird Ibn-Khaldun + Lorrie Dunsirn + assamites
deck -> The same caitiff voter as last round -> the same tzimisce
combat deck as first round

Only 4 player table this time.My starting crypt was Uchenna and 3x
Matata, combined with 1 transfer, ouch. Fortunately I lucked out and
got Mbare Market in starting hand which allowed me to bring out Uchenna
turn 2, and again made similar deal with the weenie voter, which put
the tzimisce very much on the defense and allowed me to bring out
Matata before getting much any pressure.  My prey brings out
Ibn-Khaldun and Ali Kar. I fame Ibn and rush him with Matata, putting
him empty in torpor, draw from crypt and get Hasani. Tzimisce continues
to beat up the weenie voters and brings out Corinne Marcon in addition
to Meshenka they got out first. Next turn I rescue Ibn with Uchenna and
torpor him again with Matata and bring out Hasani. My prey desperately
tries to cycle but his game is pretty much over, despite the weenie
voter voting a con boon on him to give him 2 pool (he had web of knives
out also by then). Corinne gets pulse followed by living manse which
starts to look rather annoying, the tzimmies also bring ou Devin. I
oust my prey and draw again from crypt, getting The Kikiyaon this time.
the weenies bring out more vampires, holding on for the moment to
gather a horde and the tzimmies start to move towards me. In several
combats Uchenna and Matata, as well as Meshenka Corinne, and Devin all
visit torpor at least once, Everyone else are rescued though except
Devin who gets diablerized by the weenies. The weenies do last ditch
effort in ousting the tzimisce with votes and bleeding, but the
tzimisce have one wake too many and are left to 3 pool. There is like 8
or so weenies in torpor by now. The tzimisce bleed me down to 6 pool
with stealth bleed from Meshenka, but don't have more stealth so leave
Corinne untapped. I play tension in the ranks and then oust the weenies
with a few bleeds, having also Kikiyaon out at this point. After that
the tzimisce conceed. 4 VP and GW.

Finals: I got first seat at the finals so get to pick my place. The
rest of the table is... Cailean/Pochtli/Carlotta stealth bleed/vote ->
The same aus dem pre vote deck from second round -> The same Ibn
Khaldun and co deck from third round -> Sebastian Goulet and friends
dom obf pro

I choose to sit front of the Ibn Khaldun deck, preying on Sebastian.
Now I get my best starting crypt of the whole tournament with Dolie,
Hasani, The Kikiyaon, and Matata. I bring out Dolie first who bleeds
for the edge! Starting to bring out Matata then. Prey brings out
Sebastian (basic) first, grandprey brings out Agatha, followed by
Cailean, grandpred brings out General Perfidio Dios, followed by
Fleurdumal and later Quentin King III (basic). predator brings out
Ibn-Khaldun, followed by Basir and Lorrie. I get Matata out and my prey
gets Samson and Soldat out. I fame Sebastian and start the long project
of rushing him, first beating Samson and Soldat out of the way and then
depleting his s:ce reserves. My predator rushes Matata once with
Lorrie, which ends in Lorrie being empty in torpor with Matata at same
blood as before the combat, and after that mostly focuses on rushing
backwards at the voters that are putting heavy pressure on him. He
manages to hit both Quentin and General empty to torpor with pulled
fangs before getting ousted. I oust Sebastian soon after that once he
finally ran out of s:ce, having got my whole starting crypt out by
then. I rush backwards then to burn Fleurdumal with sengir dagger,
leaving my predator with only Alicia Barrows left, and he gets ousted
by the Cailean deck soon after. Now there is only about half an hour
game time left and I am almost out of deck, not to mention I can't
actually do anything to Cailean in combat since he can just set range
to long. So I just focus on bloating with 4 blood dolls and Mbare
Market and I win by seating when the game time outs, being ran out of
deck by that point already.

1x Meno Ngari 2 cap abo
1x Dolie 3 cap abo ani
1x Hasani 4 cap ABO for
1x The Kikiyaon 5 cap abo ani FOR burn blood for manuever
1x Jubal 6 cap ABO ANI for
1x Sanjo 6 cap abo ANI FOR
1x Uchenna 7 cap ABO ANI FOR magaji burn blood to discard a card
5x Matata 9 cap ABO ANI aus FOR +1 strength, optional press.

Master: 12
5x Blood Doll
2x Fame
1x Guardian Angel
1x Jungle Hunting Ground
1x Mbare Market, Harare
1x Perfectionist
1x Tension in the Ranks

Action: 14
2x Ambush
2x Big Game
3x Bum's Rush
3x Harass
2x Nose of the Hound
2x Sense Death

Action Modifier: 13
2x Forced March
8x Freak Drive
3x Predator's Transformation

Combat: 40
5x Devil Channel: Back
4x Devil Channel: Hands
2x Hidden Strength
8x Invoking the Beast
2x Pack Alpha
5x Rolling with the Punches
6x Taste of Vitae
8x Unflinching Persistance

Equipment: 2
2x Sengir Dagger

Reaction: 5
5x Predator's Communion 

Retainer: 4 
3x Duma Rafiki 
1x Raven Spy

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