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Wanderer's Counsel Akunanse Website

Deck Name : Turbo Amavi
Author : Wanderer's Counsel
Description :  A variant of Turbo Arika / Turbo Lucita using Amavi.

Crypt [14 vampires] Capacity min: 8 max: 8 average: 8
14x Amavi     8  ABO ANI FOR pre pro   Akunanse:4

Library [90 cards]
Action [20]
  10x Embrace, The
  10x Force of Will

The Embraces serve multiple functions.
1) Remove two blood from Amavi.
2) Diablerize her if something horrible happens during your Turbo turn.

3) Serve as an end-game swarm with your last copy of Amavi.

Action Modifier [49]
  10x Aire of Elation
  3x Approximation of Loyalty
  10x Daring the Dawn
  3x Devil-Channel: Throat
  16x Freak Drive
  3x Neutral Guard
  1x Strange Day
  3x Those Who Endure Judge

Approximation of Loyalty, Neutral Guard, Those Who Endure Judge, and
Strange Day are included simply to remove blood from Amavi consistently
throughout the turn.  Alternate possibilities for losing blood include
going Anarch.

Equipment [16]
  9x Reliquary: Akunanse Remains
  7x Soul Gem of Etrius

Reliquary increases Amavi's capacity by one, allowing the Soul Gem
combo to go off correctly.

Master [5]
  3x Dreams of the Sphinx
  1x Elder Library
  1x Fragment of the Book of Nod

You will have two turns of transfers (at minimum) before you can begin
your Turbo actions.  All of the above masters will help improve your
odds of seeing the combo continue past the first few actions.

Crafted with : Anarch Revolt Deck Builder. [Tue Dec 13 07:08:42 2005]

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