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Wanderer's Counsel Akunanse Website

Aaron Smith AKA Tongue-Tied
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"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
Crypt: 12
Matata x 4
Nkule Galadima
Uchenna x 2
The Kikiyaon
Meno Ngari
Deck: 90
Masters: 14
Blood Doll x 4
Fame x 2
Haven Uncovered x 2
Guardian Angel
Jungle Hunting Ground
Tension in the Ranks x 2
Actions: 16
Army of Rats
Reliquary: Akunanse Remains
Harass x 3
Bum's Rush x 4
Big Game
Owl Companion
Raven Spy x 3
Duma Rafiki
Sense Death
Action Modifiers: 14
Predator's Mastery x 3
Predator's Transformation x 6
Freak Drive x 4
The Kiss of Ra
Combat: 33
Invoking the Beast x 7
Devil-Channel: Hands x 4
Carrion Crows x 5
Indomitability x 2
Rolling with the Punches x 4
Taste of Vitae x 4
Pack Alpha
Canine Horde
Unflinching Persistence x 5
Reactions: 12
Predator's Communion x 5
Forced Awakening x 3
Cat's Guidance x 3
Rat's Warning

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