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Wanderer's Counsel Akunanse Website

Tue Nov 07, 2006

Here's the deck I'm going to play in Dallas' storyline tournament:

Nkule Galadima x3
Uchenna x3
Matata x3
Amavi x3

Master Cards 26
Storage Annex
The Rack
Blood Doll x3
Vampiric Disease x3
Smiling Jack the Anarch
Powerbase: Montreal
The Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper
Pentex Subversion
Trohpy: Diablerie
Trohpy: Hunting Ground
Rotscheck x2
Orun x3
Aye x5
Static Virtue x2

Actions 9
Restoration x4
No Secrets from the Magaji x3
Red List
Army of Rats

Political Actions 7
Trumped-Up Charges x2
The Secret Must be Kept x2
Year of Fortune
Disputed Territory

Combo Cards 4
Akunanse Kholo
Predator's Transformation x3

Combat Cards 19
Devil-Channel Hands x4
Rolling with the Punches x3
Hidden Strength x3
Zip Gun x2
Pack Alpha x7

Reaction Cards 8
Cat's Guidance x2
Predator's Communion x6

Allies 2
Neighborhood Watch Commander (Hunter) x2

Equipment 2
Ivory Bow
Heart of Neizchetus

Retainers 13
Swarm x3
Raven Spy x4
Owl Companion x2
Elephant Guardian x2
Duma Rafiki x2

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