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Wanderer's Counsel Akunanse Website

I started out trying to make a Trophy/Red List deck, taking advantage of all
the magaji with abo/ani/for. Then I decided it was just as dodgy an
archetype with those vamps as it was with titled Campires, so this quickly
became a Matata multi-rush. Nothing special, but it's My First Akunanse
Deck, so I thought I'd share.

Comments, as always, welcome.

- Pat


Deck Name : Hakuna This, Matata

Author : Pat Lusk -

Description :
Matata ani/abo/for multi-rush. Owl Companions to avoid wasting combat cards.
Miscellaneous chumps for support. (Blood Doll/hunt, diablerie, etc.)

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 1 max: 9 average: 5
5x Matata           9  ABO ANI FOR aus cel obf   Akunanse:3
1x Bothwell         3  ani for                   Gangrel:3
1x Dolie            3  abo ani                   Akunanse:4
1x Meno Ngari       2  abo                       Akunanse:4
1x Mouse            2  ani                       Nosferatu:3
1x Sarah Raines     2  for                       Gangrel:3
1x Zip              2  ani                       Ravnos:3
1x Lisa Noble       1  ani                       Caitiff:3

Library [90 cards]
Action [14]
  2x Ambush
  2x Big Game
  4x Bum's Rush
  2x Harass
  3x Sense Death
  1x Wise Spider

Action Modifier [10]
  10x Freak Drive

Combat [50]
  6x Carrion Crows
  6x Devil-Channel: Back
  6x Devil-Channel: Hands
  6x Drawing Out the Beast
  6x Invoking the Beast
  4x Pack Alpha
  4x Soak
  4x Taste of Vitae
  8x Unflinching Persistence

Event [1]
  1 x Dragonbound

Master [11]
  2x Archon Investigation
  4x Blood Doll
  3x Fame
  1x Major Boon
  1x Tension in the Ranks

Retainer [4]
  4x Owl Companion 

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