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Wanderer's Counsel Akunanse Website

Deck Name : When Nkule Comes To Town
Author : Wanderer's Counsel

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity average: 6.17
2x Nkule Galadima     8  ABO FOR ani aus pre      magaji Akunanse:4
2x Uchenna            7  ABO ANI FOR              magaji Akunanse:4
1x Ugadja             10 ABO ANI POT PRE dom for  magaji Guruhi:4
1x Tsunda             6  CHI abo ani dem          magaji Ravnos:4
1x Amavi              8  ABO ANI FOR pre pro             Akunanse:4
1x Sanjo              6  ANI FOR abo chi                 Akunanse:3
1x Kikiyaon, The      5  FOR abo ani                     Akunanse:4
1x Hasani             4  ABO for                         Akunanse:4
1x Dolie              3  abo ani                         Akunanse:4
1x Meno Ngari         2  abo                             Akunanse:4

Library [90 cards]
Action Modifier [18]
  2x Bribes
  2x Devil-Channel: Throat
  4x Freak Drive
  1x Strange Day
  6x Those Who Endure Judge
  3x Voter Captivation

Action Modifier / Reaction [5]
  2x Akunanse Kholo
  3x Wanderer's Counsel

Combat [11]
  1x Devil-Channel: Hands
  3x Invoking the Beast
  2x Skin of Steel
  5x Soak

Equipment [2]
  2x Kduva's Mask

Master [20]
  2x Ancestor Spirit
  1x Esgrima
  1x Giant's Blood
  1x Information Highway
  2x Legendary Vampire
  2x Major Boon
  1x Mbare Market, Harare
  6x Minion Tap
  1x Parthenon, The
  1x Powerbase: Rome
  2x Sudden Reversal

Political Action [24]
  1x Anarchist Uprising
  1x Ancient Influence
  1x Ancilla Empowerment
  2x Banishment
  4x Consanguineous Boon
  1x Disputed Territory
  2x Domain Challenge
  2x Eldest Command Undeath, The
  7x Kine Resources Contested
  1x National Guard Support
  2x Rumors of Gehenna

Reaction [10]
  4x Cats' Guidance
  6x Predator's Communion

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