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Wanderer's Counsel Akunanse Website

Turbo Amavi

17 Amavi 8 ABO ANI FOR pre pro Akunase +1 Bleed

3 Dreams of the Sphinx

10 Embrace
10 Dual Form
10 Force of Will

Action Modifier
18 Freak Drive
10 Daring the Dawn
10 Aire of Ellation

10 Reliquary: Akunase Remains
7 Soul Gem of Etrius

2 Form of Mist

Some choices are not optimal. 

It's easy.
Amavi finds a gem. It belonged to an old guy. Etrius, some call him.
She, excited, continues her searches, and finds some ancient artifact,
a reliquary.
She's so excited, she decides to have children.
But her end seems close, and she decides to die in a final blow,
calling her twin sister Amavi to come.

Dual Form : 6 blood left
Equip Reliquary: 6 blood left
Freak Drive: 5 blood left
Embrace: 3 blood left
Force of will 2 blood left + 1 aggravated damage
Aire of Elation 1 blood left + 1 aggravaated damage.
Daring the dawn : 1 blood left + 3 aggravated damage.

So she burns, and a new one, with the same Soul Gem, come into play.
Form of Myst are against Carter.
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