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Wanderer's Counsel Akunanse Website

I won a tournament with this deck this past weekend. Figured I would
share the decklist with the group:

Tournament: Mother of Horrors, Somerset, MA
Date: May 14, 2006
Number of players: 10
Credit to Dave Weesner (newly established Prince of Fall River, MA) for
finding a new VTES-friendly locale (Stillpoint Games & Comics in
Somerset, MA) and running a tournament there.

Deck Name : Akunanse Safari Kingdom
Author : Matt Hirsch - "Mongrel (MDH)" - mongrel // at \\
Description :
A fairly defensive deck using Pack Alpha to tool up a Magaji with many
retainers, maybe tack on a Guardian Angel or Ivory Bow, and then put on
the No Secrets.  The deck doesn't bleed very strongly, but it can win a
war of attrition (or make a quick finish with Anarchist Uprising).

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity average: 6
3x Nkule Galadima     8  ABO FOR ani aus pre  magaji Akunanse:4
2x Uchenna            7  ABO ANI FOR          magaji Akunanse:4
1x Amavi              8  ABO ANI FOR pre pro         Akunanse:4
1x Jubal              6  ABO ANI for pot             Akunanse:4
1x Sanjo              6  ANI FOR abo chi             Akunanse:3
1x Kikiyaon, The      5  FOR abo ani                 Akunanse:4
1x Hasani             4  ABO for                     Akunanse:4
1x Dolie              3  abo ani                     Akunanse:4
1x Meno Ngari         2  abo                         Akunanse:4

Library [90 cards]
Action [4]
  1x Army of Rats
  2x No Secrets From the Magaji
  1x Wise Spider

Action Modifier [3]
  2x Predator's Mastery
  1x Strange Day

Action Modifier / Reaction [1]
  1x Akunanse Kholo

Action Modifier/Combat [3]
  3x Predator's Transformation

Ally [1]
  1x Neighborhood Watch Commander (Hunter)

Combat [34]
  2x Aid from Bats
  1x Canine Horde
  3x Carrion Crows
  2x Devil-Channel: Back
  2x Devil-Channel: Hands
  1x Hidden Strength
  2x Indomitability
  5x Invoking the Beast
  7x Pack Alpha
  1x Resilience
  1x Scorpion Sting
  1x Skin of Rock
  1x Superior Mettle
  1x Taste of Vitae
  4x Unflinching Persistence

Equipment [1]
  1x Ivory Bow

Event [1]
  1x NSA Trio

Master [12]
  1x Ancestor Spirit
  4x Blood Doll
  1x Dreams of the Sphinx
  1x Guardian Angel
  1x Jungle Hunting Ground
  1x KRCG News Radio
  1x Mbare Market, Harare
  1x Powerbase: Montreal
  1x Storage Annex

Political Action [4]
  1x Anarchist Uprising
  1x Disputed Territory
  1x Kine Resources Contested
  1x Secret Must Be Kept, The

Reaction [18]
  4x Cats' Guidance
  4x Forced Awakening
  5x Predator's Communion
  1x Terra Incognita
  1x Unseen Hibernation
  3x Wake with Evening's Freshness

Retainer [8]
  2x Duma Rafiki
  3x Elephant Guardian
  1x Owl Companion
  2x Raven Spy

Crafted with : Anarch Revolt Deck Builder. [Mon May 15 08:52:39 2006]

Other notes:

 - NSA Trio doesn't appear very strong, but it forces a S:CE deck to
shut down for a turn. I think its power is underestimated by most
 - Storage Annex is great for hiding cards from info-gatherer effects.
Specifically, I was able to hide my Anarchist Uprising in the Storage
Annex when my prey had an Owl Companion on his primary blocking vamp.
 - I would have preferred to put in more Uchennas, but I only bought
one Akunanse starter and I was building this deck at 2am the night
before the tournament.  Nkule worked just fine in the 3  preliminary
rounds, and I lucked into pulling up Uchenna in the finals.
 - I have a hard time imagining putting Wanderer's Counsel in a deck.
I think that putting in political action cards is much more useful.
The "2am" version of this deck had 2 Wanderer's Counsel and 2 political
actions, but in the "9am" version I switched it to 4 political actions.
 - Smiling Jack is a consideration for this kind of deck, but I really
don't like the amount of table hate that Jack creates.  I felt that
Powerbase: Montreal was kind of pushing it.

-Matt H.

/Don't tell your Elephant Guardian where that Ivory Bow came from!

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