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Wanderer's Counsel Akunanse Website

Akunanse bruise
by Akantes

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 4 max: 8 average: 6.92
3x Amavi 8 ABO ANI FOR pre pro Akunanse:4
3x Nkule Galadima 8 ABO FOR ani aus pre magaji Akunanse:4
3x Uchenna 7 ABO ANI FOR magaji Akunanse:4
2x Hasani 4 ABO for Akunanse:4
1x Jubal 6 ABO ANI for pot Akunanse:4

Library [90 cards]
Action [12]
4x No Secrets From the Magaji
5x Taunt the Caged Beast
3x Tier of Souls

Action Modifier [11]
8x Freak Drive
3x Predator's Mastery

Action Modifier / Reaction [1]
1x Akunanse Kholo

Combat [35]
5x Devil-Channel: Hands
5x Drawing Out the Beast
7x Hidden Strength
4x Invoking the Beast
3x Rolling with the Punches
2x Scorpion Sting
5x Skin of Steel
2x Taste of Vitae
2x Terror Frenzy

Equipment [4]
1x Heart of Nizchetus
1x Kduva's Mask
1x Palatial Estate
1x Reliquary: Akunanse Remains

Master [15]
1x Barrens, The
4x Blood Doll
2x Fame
1x Giant's Blood
1x Grooming the Protégé
1x Information Highway
1x Powerbase: Montreal
1x Rack, The
1x Smiling Jack, The Anarch
1x Sudden Reversal
1x Tension in the Ranks

Political Action [3]
2x Consanguineous Boon
1x Perpetual Care

Retainer [9]
1x J. S. Simmons, Esq.
5x Raven Spy
1x Robert Carter
1x Shaman
1x Tasha Morgan

The reason for not adding Ancestor Spirit / Mabare Market, is that I don't 
own any of them.

Maybe drop Scorpion Sting / Taste of vitaes for more abombwe stuff ? 
And I'm not too sure, if the intercept is good enough to defend my 
pool sufficiently.

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