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Wanderer's Counsel Akunanse Website

The Abombwinator - Lloyd Larsen
Akunanse decksNo 1 deck Camp Helland

Deck Name: 	The Abombwinator
Created by: 	Lloyd
Description: 	No.1 Camp Helland 2006

Crypt [12 vampires, average capacity: 5.84]
3x Amavi 		ABO ANI FOR pre pro 	8 	Akunanse:4 	
2x Uchenna 		ABO ANI FOR 		7 	Akunanse:4 	magaji
2x Jubal 		ABO ANI for pot 	6 	Akunanse:4 	
1x Sanjo 		ANI FOR abo chi 	6 	Akunanse:3 	
1x Kikiyaon, The 	FOR abo ani 		5 	Akunanse:4 	
1x Hasani 		ABO for 		4 	Akunanse:4 	
1x Dolie 		abo ani 		3 	Akunanse:4 	
1x Meno Ngari 		abo 			2 	Akunanse:4 	

Library [90 cards]
Master [9]
1x 	Abombwe
5x 	Blood Doll
1x 	Fame
1x 	Jungle Hunting Ground
1x 	Mbare Market, Harare

Action [6]
5x 	Computer Hacking
1x 	Tier of Souls

Action Modifier [12]
7x 	Freak Drive
5x 	Predator's Mastery

Action Modifier / Reaction [1]
1x 	Akunanse Kholo

Equipment [1]
1x 	Reliquary: Akunanse Remains

Reaction [14]
4x 	Cats' Guidance
7x 	Predator's Communion
3x 	Terra Incognita

Retainer [5]
2x 	Duma Rafiki
2x 	Raven Spy
1x 	Shaman

Combat [42]
5x 	Carrion Crows
4x 	Devil-Channel: Back
5x 	Devil-Channel: Hands
3x 	Drawing Out the Beast
4x 	Invoking the Beast
2x 	Pack Alpha
2x 	Rolling with the Punches
3x 	Skin of Steel
2x 	Superior Mettle
5x 	Taste of Vitae
3x 	Terror Frenzy
4x 	Unflinching Persistence

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